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Walking a dog without pulling on the leash

“Quiet Authority”

How to train your dog to behave without resorting to using negative reinforcement.

Dog treats for training

Positive Reinforcement

How using one very simple positive reinforcement method will quickly kick start your training

Dog pulls on lead

Difficult Dogs

How 3 simple methods will help you to accelerate your training to stop your dog from pulling.

Train your your when they are happy

What to do if you have an Obstinate or Over Excitable Dog.

How to deal with a dog  that pulls and barks at cats, other dogs, joggers, cyclists or cars.

Puppy training


Introducing your puppy to the lead and harness and when and how to start lead walk training.

How to stop your dog from holding the lead in his mouth

Dogs that grab the lead in their mouth

How to deal with a dog that insists on playing tug-of-war with the lead before and on a walk.

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About the Author

Jeremy Tanner.
Professional Dog Trainer Specialising in Dog Behavioural Problems.

Jeremy Tanner

Jeremy Tanner

Dog Behaviourist

Jeremy has owned many different types of dogs including German Shepherds, a Border Collie, a Springer Spaniel. a West Highland Terrier, a Cairn Terrier and now a crossbred Cirneco Dell’Etna.  In 2006 he decided to change careers and become a professional dog trainer.

Although he started off going on courses to teach him how to become a trainer, he quickly decided that he was far more interested in finding out more about dog behavioural problems and how to deal with them. At that time, the overriding advice was to learn how to become the Alpha, or Pack Leader. He soon became disillusioned with this approach as it generally relied too heavily on using negative reinforcement techniques when positive techniques did not work.

After working with many dogs over the last 14 years, he successfully developed a new way forward which he called the Legame Mindset.

Although this book is about how to get a dog to walk along nicely on a loose lead, the first part of the book describes how the Legame Mindset uses techniques that will get your dog to behave well, because of your “Quiet Authority”, that you can use as a foundation on overcoming many other dog behavioural problems.

You can read more in the sample extract of the book above.

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